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You just do.

It can take seconds. An instant connection formed by a short glance, a chance meeting or a deeply bonded friendship. An emotional imbalance that takes you by surprise and sweeps you entirely off your feet. A suffocating experience so intense it was as if you were drowning and the realisation is like coming up for air. A feeling so momentous that your heart skips beats and for just one minute you feel like you might collapse from the clarity between your shared gaze. A shiver, ever so slightly unnerving that your skin tingles and the world begins to blur in the distance. A feeling of warmth, of safety, of pure endless bliss… a feeling of being whole. How do you know when you’re falling in love?

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An ending…

Surrounded by few belongings, the consequences of his actions overwhelmed his heart. How easy it had been to give in to temptation; a momentary lapse, a mistake. The man felt the cold sweep across his skin with delicate fingers. He no longer had a place to call home. The sadness that glazed over his daughter’s sweet brown eyes was to be the death of him. Sorrowful pleading, words of regret, lamenting a broken heart, none would help. It would be the hardest thing he would ever have to do. And with a desperate sigh, he left.

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Parte Une

I’m surrounded by a thousand whispers in darkness yet one calls to me quite clearly above the others. Understanding it’s cries however, is impossible. And then I see it. A silhouette walking towards me with purposeful intent. I feel the cold touch of fear creeping up my spine as the sinister figure continues to approach. A flash of light and suddenly I’m looking in a mirror, though the reflection is not of me. Pain overwhelms my chest and loneliness resides within. I am lost. Is this the wasteland? My hands are bound, chains locked tightly around my slender wrists. Imprisonment? No. A wound. A subconscious punishment for the broken shards I hold too dear.

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What is Love?

William Shakespeare once wrote, “Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds, or bends with the remover to remove: O no! it is an ever-fixed mark that looks on tempests and is never shaken.” He believed, like so many of us after him, that ‘true love’ transcends the bonds of physical attraction. It is a fundamentally emotional connection rooted from the depths of our souls; winding, bending and entwining us together. An ineludible intoxication, a destined intensity, a traveller of time that carries our hearts in eternal embrace.

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…it still hurts.

Sometimes it feels like nothing, as though you never existed. Others, it comes in constant waves, each one more painful than the last. Is it possible to actually feel your heart breaking? Almost as if the muscle itself is tearing apart inside your chest? For me, it begins with breathlessness; life just stops flowing through. Then I feel a lump in my throat and my lungs tighten. Nausea overwhelms my stomach, so much that I vomit and yet it provides no release. My head rushes suddenly, the same as standing up too quickly only different. Different because I cannot emotionally ‘digest’ whatever caused this physical reaction. Finally, the tears. Secret tears that appear on the brim of my eye, gliding softly down my cheek. Each drop representing a vice deepening it’s grip on my heart. Is it possible to heal from such an awful experience? Time is said to be a great healer… perhaps to save face? Physical scars reflect improvement; emotional wounds however, remain palpable. Sometimes it feels like nothing, but you do exist. Whenever I think about you…

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